Strolling Magic

Are you ready for Personal Impact?

Many people are amazed by the illusions they see on television or the stage. However, they quickly explain it by “camera tricks” or “trap doors.” So imagine their astonishment when a miracle happens in their own hands!

Your guests are the stars!

The Personal Impact shows from the Halls of Magic can provide this powerful impact at your event. This is not a magician strolling around showing you how clever and nimble fingered he is. This is your guests suddenly discovering they possess incredible mental, psychic and magical powers!

A man can suddenly read his wife’s mind (probably for the first time in years!) Seemingly normal woman can make things appear and disappear at will. People make predictions that come true in startling ways! The volunteers get to be heroes, the guests have lots of fun and your event is remembered for a long time!

Woman Gasp
Puerto Table

Experience Counts!
We have hundreds of satisfied corporate clients. Including: AT&T, Pan-Am, General Mills, Mall of America, Chi Chi’s, Motorola, 3M, Pillsbury Mystic Lake Casino, Norwest Banks, Anderson Windows, Carnival Cruises Carlson Craft and many more. Please contact us for References.

Customized to your needs!
Do you want just straight entertainment? Or do you want more? We can also design the show to: Get groups of people mingling, bring singles together, spread your company’s message, organize an impromptu practical joke or focus on a guest of honor. Talk to us about other custom ideas!