Corporate Shows

Planning that company banquet, event or party?

Want this years’ party to stand out from all the others?
Need entertainment that will make your event unique?
Ready for comedy, magic and a touch of Vegas?

The Halls of Magic have put together a very exciting banquet/party package.
This is not your rabbit-in-the-hat kiddie show. This is the same outrageous, fast-paced show that they have performed in nightclubs and resorts across the United States, in Europe and the Caribbean.

Want to please all your guests?
Give them variety! Some people are fascinated by magic. Others love seeing their friends in unusual predicaments. Still others like the glamorous costumes and some… just want high energy fun!

Want your friends/ co-workers or boss on stage?
You simply provide a volunteers list and watch the fun begin! Watch as a mans head is pulled from his body. Gasp as the guillotine falls. Laugh as men try to show they can actually read a woman’s mind! Smile as women prove their superior psychic powers once and for all. Don’t forget the Blade Coffin and of course, the ever popular Chamber of “Love”!